CPOnline 2.0 – New Item and Category features.

CPOnline  2.0 Has a Number of Great New Features.

Specifically, the New Item and Category features Include:

  • Non-Discountable Items

You can now mark individual items as non-discountable. Any order-level discounts (e.g., customer discount percent, promotional code discount, etc.) will no longer  include items marked as non-discountable.

  •  Improved Item/Category Browser

An improved Item/Category Browser lets you navigate more easily through your existing items and categories.

  • Item Preview

A new Item Preview lets you see how any item in your store will look with any layout, without having to actually apply that layout to your storefront.

  • Improved Item Sorting

Items now have a secondary sort order, giving you even more control over the order in which items appear in your storefront.

  •  New Tiled Item Layouts

When using a tiled layout for your item thumbnail pages, you can now select what item information should display:

Image, Item Name, Item #, Price, Buy Button
Image, Item Name, Item #, Price
Image, Item Name
Item Name  

  • Meta Description Tags for Items & Categories

Meta Tags give you better control over how your site is listed by various search engines. Previous versions of CPOnline allowed  you to enter Meta Keyword Tags (containing search keywords) for your individual items and categories. You can now also enter  Meta Description Tags to describe each of your item and category pages. Search engines that use the Meta Description Tag will display this description with your listings.

  • New Category Layouts

New category layout options allow you to display category names without images when browsing categories, and to display category  images without names or descriptions when browsing items.

  • Category Layout Preview

A new category layout previews makes it easier for you to select the category layout you want before applying changes to your storefront.

  •  Alternate Category Long Descriptions.

Category long descriptions can now be maintained within Store Management instead of in CounterPoint. This option allows you to use  the WYSIWYG Editor within CPOnline Store Management to format your category pages more easily.  This uses formatting tools similar  to those in Microsoft Word.

  • Improved Category Name Changes

If you want to change a category name after publishing that category from CounterPoint, you can now change the display name using  the Category Editor in Store Management. 

  • Additional Category-Specific Featured Items

CPOnline V2.0 expands the number of featured items allowed per category from 10 to 15.

  •  Item-Specific In-Stock Messages

Previous versions of CPOnline supported item-specific out-of-stock messages. Version 2.0 adds support for item-specific in-stock messages as well.

  •  Item-Specific Related Item Layout With Preview

You can now select an item-specific layout for related items. A preview is provided for each layout option so you can easily select the layout you want before applying changes to your storefront. 

  • WYSIWYG Editor for Item Messages

The WYSIWYG Editor is now available for editing item supplemental information, item-specific in-stock messages, and item-specific out-of-stock messages.

 To discuss how to fully implement these New Features, call us at CCS Retail, or email us.

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