Shipping Integration with CounterPoint

Is shipping an important part of your business? Do you want to streamline the process? If the answer is yes to either question, then CCS has a solution for you.

We can install software to handle a variety of shipping methods – all of which automatically pass tracking numbers (if available), freight amounts, insurance charges etc. to CounterPoint. 

The Advantages?

  • Save time: Time means money. Have you calculated the amount of time that’s spent manually entering shipping charges into CounterPoint and then calculating the hours by the amount of wages paid? 

  • Avoid incorrect entries: Who hasn’t mistyped information? The problem is that it becomes magnified when it involves charges to your customer.

  • Provide a service your competitors don’t: In addition, many services such as UPS and FedEx will forward an email to your customers advising them of the shipment.

  • NEW: The US Postal Service now allows processing through their Endicia package – the package that allows you to add postage to your packages online.

The shipping software and the software interfaces for CounterPoint will handle UPS and UPS HazMat, FedEx Basic and High Volume options, USPS Manifest and USPS Endicia, DHL, Spee-Dee, and a User-Definable Carrier option.
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