About Graphical Customer-Facing Displays

Still using two-line pole displays in your check-out lanes?  Increase your profits, improve ticket accuracy, and increase customer satisfaction by investing in Graphical Customer-Facing Displays.  These small monitors not only permit your customers to see prices as they are rung up, but also grab their attention by advertising specials, new products, upcoming sales, and much more!

Designed to integrate with your Point of Sale System, these mini monitors can display advertisements while clerks are ringing up sales and also during idle times.  Use them to promote gift cards, customer loyalty program details, your website, or new store locations, and watch your profits grow!

It’s important to remember that any new Point of Sale Hardware must be compatible with your current retail software.  Ideally, all should be purchased from just one source.

CCS can help you choose and integrate Graphical Customer-Facing Displays that are compatible with CounterPoint Software.  Call us at 425-672-4806 or email us for more information about these highly effective tools.

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