More on Increasing Sales

Do you want to increase sales?  In an article by F. John Reh of, he suggests that all you need to do to make this happen is to make it easier for the customer to buy!  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Consider using some of the methods recommended below.

  • Reduce the length of time that a customer waits in line.  Paperwork, re-stocking shelves and counting items can wait until slower times.  Add extra cashiers during peak hours.
  • Keep your promises to customers.  If you promised a call-back when an item is back in stock, do it!
  • Use the right technology to cut steps and speed up processes.  For example, if customer information is kept up-to-date in your POS System, it can be accessed quickly with just a telephone number to find previous purchases or to redeem loyalty point.

Is your software doing all it could be doing to help make it easier for customers to buy?  We can help you find answers to your questions.  We’re here to assist you at (425) 672-4806 or by email.

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