Integrating your systems

In today’s computer world there are many choices of software and hardware platforms to run you’re business.  Just as there is no one solution that is best for all companies, often there is no one solution that is best for all facets of a single company.

Possibly one part of your company is best suited to a Windows application, while another is best suited to a UNIX/Linux application.  Even if you have only one platform (such as Windows), different applications are usually needed for the different aspects of the company, .  The challenge comes in, when information from one of these platforms, needs to be used on the another platform.  That is where system integration is needed. 

For example, the Counterpoint Point-Of-Sale solution is an excellent choice for store fronts, and catalog sales.  It does an excellent job of providing support for selling your product. It is highly configurable.  However, you also need an accounting package, and Counterpoint does not have a built-in full accounting feature set.  It does, however, integrate seamlessly with many full accounting packages, such as MAS90, Sage Business Works, and Quickbooks.

On a more complex level, the UNIX/Linux operating systems are very strong in many areas. They are very often a good choice for part of your companies computer needs.  Of course, such things a file structures are completely different between the UNIX/Linux and Windows worlds.  There are many tools that can be used to make data on UNIX/Linux accessible to Windows and vice versa.  A properly integrated system makes it transparent to the users as they move between completely different platforms throughout the day.

Achieving seamless integration takes a thorough understanding of the different platforms, and the tools that are available.  We have done numerous cross-platform integrations. We have a complete understanding of the issues that arise, the tools that are available, and how to help you get the most out of your computer systems.  Contact us for help in integrating you systems.

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