Some Good Reasons For Having Proper Documentation

Some Good Reasons For Having Proper Documentation:

Lack of proper documentation of hardware and software configurations, infrastructure,  policies and procedures can lead to some real problems.  Increased stress, wasted time, and an increase your support costs may suffer. 

Here are some good examples of what can happen without proper documentation in place: 

  • Technicians have to go back and recreate the original configurations from scratch:  this can mean a difference in hours or days instead of a few minutes.
  • Access is denied to critical areas because no password or security information was available: having to reset a router to the factory defaults because no one has a password for it.
  • Users enter large numbers of items incorrectly, creating  issues with processing, history, valuations, and sales:  this requires considerable time to correct wrong costs, prices, descriptions, and improperly assigned categories.
  • A clerk assigns an unlimited A/R credit limit to a new customer with extremely bad credit.
  • A user accidentally purges all of your inventory or sales history:  this is detected for months, a backup not done before the purge,  the data may be permanently lost.
  • Down time – not having the right details at hand could result long periods of downtime, or only partial functionality of your systems. 

As they say "time is money", so it may be costing money in more than one way.  If you are unsure about how to go about any of this, please review some of our website documentation on these topics or call the CCS Support Department for assistance.


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