Increasing Your Sales With Your POS System

Have you ever gone to a store to buy something, like a gallon of paint to paint your living room, and found when you returned home that you had forgotten something that you needed?  Maybe the item was a roll of masking tape for edging.  Since you could not complete the job without the needed item, another shopping trip was required, but not necessarily to the same store.  The first store lost an "add-on" sale if you decided to get the roll of masking tape at a store closer to home rather than returning to the paint store that was miles away.

Add-on sales can increase your average size of sales, according to Jeff Haefner, in his article, "How Your Point of Sale Software Can Increase Your Average Size of Sale."  In this article, he stresses that you are not giving your customers the service they deserve if you don’t make sure that they get everything they need before they leave the store.  And not only that, but you are losing sales because of this neglect!

A good POS Software System will have "add-on sales" features that will allow you to associate add-on products with the item being purchased.  This prevents customers from leaving the store without a "reminder" of other needed items that they might not have remembered.

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