Customer Testimonials – Will They Help Me?

Reading our customers’ testimonials on our website is a good way to collect information before choosing your new POS Software System.  You can easily find a company that is similar to yours and read what they have to say about choosing and using the system.  Comments from our customers are a close second to the "try before you buy" idea and are presented in an unbiased, objective manner.  They are not selling you anything, just commenting on the purchase that they made!

What might you learn from testimonials?  The following is a list of some of the points addressed in our customers’ comments.

1.  Their satisfaction with the dealer chosen.
2.  How the software features matched their needs.
3.  Whether the new system actually saved them time and money.
4.  Ease of use of the software.
5.  Whether the software increased their sales.
6.  Technicians’ knowledge of the system.
7.  Satisfaction with service given.
8.  Satisfaction with training classes.
9.  Customer service satisfaction.

With this type of feedback, from companies who are actually using the system, you will have the answers needed to make an informed decision about the software that is right for you.  If you need further information, we are just a phone call away.  The number is (800) 672-4806. Or email us.

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