Am I really ready to open my new store?

Am I really ready to open my new store?

When planning to open a new store as of a specific deadline, you need to make sure that following critical questions are fully addressed before trying to “Go Live”:

1.  Do I have the proper infrastructure in place that will support physically installing the Server, and Register hardware?

    • This could include issues such as:
    • Proper power configuration/protection – Will the Computer(s) be on a dedicated circuit?  Do I have enough outlets? Are they 3-prong, grounded outlets?
    • Network connections – Do I have a proper network cables?
    • Is my Internet access confirmed to be installed and functional?
    • Do I have a diagram, or personal knowledge, of where all the connections and outlets are?  Hunting for them can be very tedious or even unsuccessful.

2.  Do I have adequate physical space for my back office server, report printer and registers along with their associated peripherals?

  • This could include such things as:
  • Physical counter space.
  • Space for modems and routers.
  • Space for my UPS.
  • Adequate number, size, and location of holes drilled in the counters for my equipment cables. Testing this before-hand is important.


3.  Have I completed my Credit Card Configuration Requirements?

This would include:

  • Completing the sign-up for Credit Card Merchant Account, and forwarding this information to CCS.
  • Signing-up for the CPGateway Service, and forwarding  this information to CCS.
  • Making sure that the above configuration is in the CounterPoint software.
  • Obtaining a phone number for getting manual Credit Card authorizations, should this be necessary.
  • Trying some test transactions with a notebook or manual device before-hand is a good idea..

4.  Software Set-up.

Do I have all of the following defined?

  • CP Menus.
  • CP Security Menus and POS Security Menus.
  • CP Users and passwords assigned.
  • Locations and Inventory Status records.
  • Stores, Registers, Drawers.
  • User Drawer assignments for the location.
  • Touchscreen configuration.
  • Offline Ticket Entry configuration.
  • EOD Posting and Backup configuration.
  • Has CCS reviewed all of the above for accuracy?

5.  Has my staff received training that is adequate enough to allow for a smooth store opening?

6.  Do I have adequate supplies for my store opening?

This might include such items as:

  • Register printer tape.
  • Bags
  • Gift boxes
  • Gift Cards
  • Report printer paper.for Receipting and Back-office devices.
  • Manual Receipt Books (Backup for manual sales).
  • Credit Charge Card Drafts (Backup for manual sales).

If all of the above items have not been addressed completely before your go live date, please contact the CCS Support Department.

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