25 Things CounterPoint SQL Can Do

25 Things You Didn’t Know CounterPoint SQL Could Do

  1. Gift Registry (Version 8.3.9) – This new feature is coming in 8.3.9. Go to Setup / Point of Sale / Gift Registry to start the setup process and define the different occasions (wedding, wish list, birthday, etc). Then in Point of Sale / Gift Registry / Manage Gift Registries, set up each individual registry. If using Touchscreen, you will need to set up a registry button.

  1. Add Custom Report Parameters to the Menu (Version 8.3.6) – Using Menu codes, you can put reports with specific parameters set on the main menu. You can even give them special names. You do this through Setup / System / Menu Codes. Assign the menu code to the Security Code for those users you want to have access to that specific menu. 

  1. Aging Report (Version 8.3.8) –The Aging report lets you see "how old" your inventory is. This report is in Inventory / Reports / Inventory Aging.

  1. Purchasing Advice Days of Supply (Version 8.3.8) – This method of calculating Purchasing Advice is called Days of Supply. You plug in a date range and the “days of supply” you want and CounterPoint figures out how many you need.

  1. New Purchasing Advice Calculation Changes (Version 8.3.8) – New criteria is included in this version to help you get accurate suggestions when you are using the Replenishment Method. We now allow you to take in to account quantity on hand and min max levels.

  1. Add Items in Purchasing (Version 8.3.8) – While entering a new Purchasing Request, you can press “Add Items” and move to a worksheet mode that lets you query for additional items to add to the purchase request.

  1. Prompt for Unit (Version 8.3.4) – In item maintenance, on the “Other” tab, there’s a check mark to “Prompt for Unit”. If you select this, for items that have alternate units, we display the unit choices in Ticket Entry and Touchscreen Ticket Entry. 

  1. Suppressing Ticket Complete Dialog (Version 8.3.8) – Go to Setup / Point of Sale / Stores to the Tickets-2 tab and check mark “Ticket Completion Confirmation Dialog” so that CounterPoint won’t ask “Ticket Complete” at the end of every sale.

  1. Inventory Availability Report (Version 8.3.7 Svc Pack) – This report indicates on-hand quantities (and bin location, if one is specified in the inventory record) for those items that meet a customer’s preferences (i.e., color, size, category, vendor, and so forth) or any other criteria you specify. This report allows a clerk to quickly respond to questions like, “What do you have in a size 8?” To generate the Inventory Availability report, select Inventory > Reports > Availability. 

  1. Search Item Notes by Keyword (Version 8.2.9) – When you have multiple note ids on file, you can press the lookup icon and search through notes by keyword.

  1. Tag-Along Kits (Version 8.3.7) – CounterPoint SQL now supports tag-along item kits, which allow you to associate one or more “tag-along” items with a single “parent” item. When a user sells the parent item in Ticket Entry or Touchscreen Ticket Entry, the associated tag-along items are added to the ticket automatically. This feature provides a simple method of ensuring that associated items are always sold together.

  1. Identifying Items by Vendors Item Number (Version 8.3.7) – Throughout CounterPoint, wherever you can enter an Item number, you can now specify a Vendor’s item number value to identify an item. This feature allows you to find and select items using the vendor-specific item numbers you have defined on the Vendor items window (Purchasing > Vendor Items). Activate this feature in Setup/System/Workgroup by selecting “Check Vendors Item Number”. 

  1. Committed Inventory Report (Version 8.2.9) – Go to Inventory / Reports / Committed Inventory to see what transactions are affecting an items committed quantities. You can also use the View Commitments button on the Inventory Form.

  1. Locking Register (Version 8.3.5) – Go to Setup / Point of Sale / Stations and select the “Automatic Station Lock” field then enter the “Minutes Until Lock”. After that amount of time has elapsed and no one has used the keyboard or mouse, the station automatically locks and the user will have to enter their password.

  1. Table View  (Version 8.2.9) – You can choose to View, Edit and Delete records using Table View mode. This mode shows all records in a grid or table view instead of viewing one record at a time.

  1. Account Management (Version 8.3.5)  – The Account Management function (Customers / Account Management) allows you to view and maintain a variety of information pertaining to a customer account. This feature allows you to manage credit and serve your customers, by presenting all of the relevant information about a customer account in a single, unified form. You can even email a copy of a statement if you’ve to “Save Statements to Disk” in Setup / Customer / Control. 

  1. Validated Returns (Version 8.3.8) – This features allows you to bring a ticket back from history and choose which lines to return. Setup / Point of Sale / Security Codes, on the Line Tab you can allow Validated Returns. For Touchscreen you need to add a button and action. You can also restrict use of this feature in PS Security settings. 

  1. Quick Setup (Version 8.3.1) – This area lets you quickly set up information including profiles for items, customers, etc. Go to Setup / System / Quick Setup. 

  1.  Adding Messages and Discount Text to Receipts (Version 8.3.4)  – You can use the Receipt Tab in Setup / Point of Sale Stores to add special header or footer messages to your receipt. You can also set up certain discount format to print. 

  1. Show Point Redemption Message (Version 8.3.4) – In Setup / Point of Sale Stations, you can select whether or not to display a message at that station to alert the clerk whether or not loyalty points are available for redemption.

  1. See Which Users are Performing Events – In System / View / Events, you can press F9 and get a list of which users are performing which events. Use the column designer to add the information you want to see. You can create a quick report from this view.

  1. Customer Specific Purchasing (Version 8.3.8)  –When using Customer Specific Purchasing, you can automatically create a purchase order for those items “Ordered” at Point of Sale. Once you generate the PO, you can see the information during a customer Zoom and you can print the information when the PO is Received by printing the Receiver and check marking to “Print Customer Order Information”.

  1. Setup to Skip Login Dialog (Version 8.3.8)  – Go to Setup / System / Configuration / Workstation Preferences and checkmark to Skip Login Dialog. Now when you login to CounterPoint, it pulls the user id from the windows registry!! 

  1. Touchscreen Mode – In Setup / System / Configuration / Workstation Preferences, checkmark Touchscreen Mode to enable the Touchscreen keyboard, allowing users to enter a value in nearly any CounterPoint SQL field using a touchscreen workstation that is not equipped with a keyboard.

  1. Touchscreen Lookups – Checkmark the Touchscreen Lookups box to enable touchscreen-friendly “LookUp” windows throughout CounterPoint, allowing touchscreen users to more easily look up items, customers, vendors, and other types of records outside of Touchscreen Ticket Entry.  

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