American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

"American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has officially extended the Section 179 Tax Deduction increases for the 2015 Tax Year"

Section 179 can be extremely profitable to you, so it is to your benefit to learn as much as possible. To begin, you probably have a lot of questions regarding Section 179. Follow the links below to get the details on this opportunity:

They’ll answer all of these questions, and make certain that you come away with all the knowledge you need to make smart business decisions in 2015 regarding equipment purchasing and Section 179 (if you’ve been thinking about buying or leasing new equipment, 2015 IS THE YEAR TO DO IT, due to changes in Section 179 made by the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 and extended by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)  The graphic below is out of date.  Visit the government site with the links on this page!


Free Tools that Make Calculating Section 179 Deductions Simple

Section 179 is really very simple – you buy or lease qualifying equipment, and then take a full tax deduction on it this year (also, there are a few other things, which we’ll go over, but in a nutshell, that’s the idea.) To give you an estimate of how much money you can save, use the Section 179 Deduction Calculator to make computing Section 179 deductions simple, and look at the changes in Section 179 due to the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 that have been extended by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for the 2013 Tax Year.

NEWS ALERT: Jan, 2013

Section 179 has been extended to cover the tax year 2013 as a consequence of the Fiscal Cliff negotiations.   Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to reduce your acquisition costs for equipment.

NEWS ALERT: Feb 25, 2011

Two congressional acts affecting Section 179 in a positive way for this 2011 tax year passed in late 2010 (The Tax Relief Act of 2010 and The Jobs Act of 2010). The newest changes are as follows:

The Section 179 Deduction limit was increased to $500,000. The total amount of equipment that can be purchased was increased to $2 million. This includes most new and used capital equipment, and also includes software.

The "Bonus Depreciation" was increased to 100% on qualified assets. However, this can be taken on new equipment only.

When applying these provisions, Section 179 is generally taken first, followed by Bonus Depreciation – unless the business has no taxable profit in 2011.

Also, many businesses find Section 179 Qualified Financing to be an attractive option in 2011. 

Successful businesses take advantage of legal tax incentives to help lower their operating costs. The Section 179 Deduction is a tax incentive that is easy to use, and gives businesses an incentive to invest in themselves. In short, taking advantage of the Section 179 Deduction will help your business keep more capital, while also getting needed equipment

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