Reduce Overhead – Improve Sales

Are you looking for ways to reduce your overhead and improve sales during the slow economy?
CCS Retail Systems has an answer for Retailers.  Many Retailers are either running with limited automation or using a bulky system with outmoded technology and unreasonable operating costs.  Get the benefits of a CounterPoint System that solves these problems.  We can get you converted and running in record time.
Get rid of the weight of some your fixed automation costs.  Our CounterPoint System offers complete system features at a fraction of the cost of many comparable systems.  Enjoy the benefits of lower overhead with a system that is easy to use and maintain. 
Easily configure CounterPoint to your needs.  Reduce head-count, keep your best people, by making the system match your needs as closely as possible.  A poorly designed system adds labor cost. CounterPoint is easily tailored to your way of doing business.  Working around system limitations is one of the common complains we hear.
CounterPoint is designed from the ground up for Retailers.  We have used the latest technology tools to make a system that is easy to use and easy to keep running.  Whether you have a few locations, or a large multi-state configuration, CounterPoint will scale to your size.
Protect your current investment when CounterPoint is installed.  We have converted dozens of systems to CounterPoint.  We are committed to using your existing equipment where possible.  We have accomplished near miracles with reusing equipment and converting data from very different and very outdated systems.
Keep your check-outs moving.  Our CounterPoint developers are experts in Retail operations.  Get the benefits of a true POS system at your check-outs.  Reduce lost sales and lost repeat business with CounterPoints’ features.  Minimize keystrokes to enter sales, and use 2-second Internet credit-card authorization to impress your customers. 
Reduce inventory and increase sales.  CounterPoint makes finding slow moving and dead stock easy.  Put your dollars into the stock that moves and is profitable.  Minimize stock outs and employee shrinkage.
Add traffic and get to ALL your customers.  CounterPoint has an integrated ecommerce website system that makes sure you are seen by the world’s largest market-place, the Internet. Your inventory and sales policies are easily accommodated by CounterPoint.
Reduce maintenance costs.  CounterPoint is developed by Radiant Systems, a national organization with a long history in the Retail market. They have a large base of hardware and software support technicians to maintain your system.  In your local area, CCS Retail Systems is authorized to deliver services to your company.  Our support programs are designed to allow you to budget your costs.  We do not require annual contracts. We tailor our programs to your needs and budget.  CounterPoints’ high degree of reliability makes this work in your favor.
Act now – don’t let the slow economy get a further grip on your business
Contact us by email at, by phone at 800-672-4806, or visit our website at  Get your CounterPoint Sales Consultant appointment scheduled.  Start your new, fresh approach to a more manageable and profitable business.

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