How Can CCS Help You Thrive In This Business Climate

As you know, the economic climate is not the best at the present.  This is not necessarily a problem with no solutions.  CCS has been in business since 1980. We have seen the impact of this type of economy before. We remember what helped our customers and prospects then.
Many of our core support and sales consulting competencies can help you be more capable of weathering these storms.
We can work with you to find ways to extend the life of your existing systems and maximize their current utility, rather replace them with new items.  We have developed the skills in services and sales to do this over the years.  You can draw on these and our working relationship – now.
We have some suggestions on how CCS Retail can start to help you.
1.      Contact us to discuss what your current problems are with meeting the needs of your customers and running your in-house operations effectively.
2.      CCS can meet with you over the phone or in person, whatever is most convenient.
3.      We will prepare a summary of our thoughts on solutions that leverage your present systems as much as possible
4.      CCS can recommend training where this will help you better use what your already have.   We will arrange for a training session that best suits your schedule. In our classroom, over the Internet, or onsite.
5.      We will recommend customizations were this will have the most impact for you.
6.      CCS will work within your limited budget as much as possible.
7.      We can make sure you get all the discounts we can pass on from our suppliers on any new items that are the most cost-effective alternatives. We will try to negotiate for you with our suppliers when this will make the difference to you.
8.      We try to offer our own special pricing to accommodate you where we can.
9.      CCS will listen to your suggestions and try to accommodate you as much as is practicable.
Rather than being uncomfortable with the challenge of this economy on your own, call us and let CCS Retail help you.  Don’t risk further erosion of your profitability. We are ready.
Your Partner in All Business Climates.
CCS Retail Systems, Inc.

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