Proper Power Protection

Proper Power Protection

One common oversight regarding computer installations is  related to not having proper power protection.  Normally, one should have UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) battery backups that are adequate to protect Servers and PC’s, as well associated hardware such as modems, network switches, etc. 

CCS also recommends this for both new and existing systems. Most current UPS systems allow for line conditioning, surge and brownout protection, as well as automated Server/PC shutdown capability (in the event of a complete power failure). 

I recollect one recent example involving a new system purchase, where the customer opted not to purchase a UPS for the primary CP SQL application server.  This was mainly over budgetary concerns.  During a particularly bad seasonal winter storm, they were having both erratic power fluctuations combined with complete outages for extended periods of time. 

The staff chose to leave the server running  during this time period.  At one point, the power went out several times while the server was powered up, causing the server to crash.  Subsequent ping-ponging power fluctuations caused the server to reboot repetitively.  These events resulted in damage to some critical operating system files.  The resulting support work required to recover the damage was almost equal to the cost of the originally quoted UPS.  

Being a firm believer in this technology, I also have my home Computer, Monitor, External Hard Drive, DSL Modem, Alarm System, and Telephones protected.  If you are interested in having your current systems reviewed for proper power protection, please contact the CCS Retail Systems Support Department.

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