UPS Shipping Option

CounterPoint CPSHIP Option

Automate Your Shipping Charges and  Documents

If you are shipping several parcels a day, CPSHIP will pay for itself in no time!  This is a great way to cut overhead costs.

CPSHIP automatically passes shipping address information from CounterPoint to your shipping software so you no longer have to manually re-key this data.  It allows you to update the freight information in CounterPoint based on the calculated amount in the shipping software. CPSHIP passes the Tracking Number from your shipping software back to CounterPoint.

CPSHIP works with both UPS WorldShip (for shippers who only process UPS shipments) and StarShip Software.   UPS WorldShip software is available free of charge to UPS shippers.

CCS Support

StarShip Software is available from CCS.  CPSHIP works with Point of Sale and/or Order Entry. CPSHIP works with Windows, Unix, and Linux versions of CounterPoint, V7.5.1 and above. CPSHIP is available for CounterPoint SQL V8.x as well.


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