Understanding Script Errors

Scripting Errors Encountered

What Are Scripting Errors

A scripting error does not mean that a page is non-functional.  It can simply be a difference in the internal working of your brand and version of browser – as you have it configured.  It can be a temporary overload of a server that we exchange services with, like Weather.com.  You are normally safe in continuing.  We trap Scripting Errors and offer an Email and Print function on the data captured.   Please complete and email the error trapped so we can review it.

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CCS Privacy Policy

CCS Retail Systems  Privacy Policy

This document describes our policies for collecting user information from this website and the use and disclosure of this information. This statement applies to our site and any information obtained by us from places other than our website. If you have any questions or concerns we encourage you to contact admin@ccscentral.com.
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HTTP Status Codes

HTTP Status Codes 

HTTP Status Code Descriptions – Click a Code in the List for Details. The Details were extracted from RFC’s (Request For Comments) and related documents.  To see the original RFC use your search engine. These are often on the IETF.org and W3C.org sites.  See Wikipedia for Reference.


Note: The two most common status codes on our site are:

403 this normally means you have requested a page that requires registration for access. Register with us on the FrontPage and try again.
404 the page is missing or unavailable right now. We may be updating it temporarily. Try again first. If the problem persists, send us an email reporting it.

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