Keeping Customers Returning

Keeping Customers Returning

Have you ever thought about why you return to the same retail stores again and again? Most of us do not stop to analyze this, but should! The reasons why you shop at your favorite stores are the same reasons customers come to your place of business.

Here are some of my reasons:

  • Good parking facilities
  • Friendly, helpful employees who can answer my questions about products
  • Clean atmosphere (floors, counters, windows, restrooms)
  • Good management of unsupervised children in the store
  • Adequate inventory to provide choices
  • Good prices, clearly marked on easily seen labels
  • Efficiency at checkout – no long lines
  • Adequate staffing to prevent long lines
  • Monitors, so I can see prices as they are scanned
  • Receipts that I can read and understand
  • Good return policy, with clear information on receipt
  • Ease of using my preferred debit/credit cards
  • Loyalty benefits

Want your customers to come back? Make sure you consider the above and make changes accordingly. We at CCS can’t help you with all of these factors, (we don’t do windows, parking lots, or supervision of children) but we can help you with many of them.

Do you need assistance with inventory, labels, receipts, use of debit/credit cards, loyalty points, scanners, monitors, registers, or training employees on the use of your Counterpoint software? We can provide excellent service on all of these things and much more. Call us at 425-672-4806 or email us. We can help you help your customers!


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