Training and Monitoring Your Checkout Personnel

Training and Monitoring Your Checkout Personnel

Recently CCS had a customer call about a problem with two purchases and credit/debit payments.

A Short overview:

Customer A finished shopping, made a $50 purchase and left. She did not get a receipt.

Customer B was next at the checkout. He made his $110 purchase and left with a receipt.

Later that day, Customer A called and said she was charged $110 on her debit card when it should have been $50. Our customer reviewed their system and could not find a ticket for Customer A. They did find the ticket for Customer B and on the Secure Pay payment portal saw that Customer B was billed to Customer A’s card.

What had happened? Luckily our customers have surveillance cameras over their registers. They went back and reviewed the transactions for that period.

They were able to see that the clerk had not finished the 1st transaction. So Customer A had not received a receipt. Instead of completing or clearing the complete Customer A transaction, the clerk just deleted the line items. The clerk rang up Customer B on the same ticket, and since the payment was still attached to it, Customer A’s card was charged.

Luckily by having the cameras, they were able to solve the problem. Are cameras something you should consider to ensure proper checkout activities?

Some additional training would be a good idea for the clerks. CCS has a full suite of classroom, onsite, and Webinar training offerings. A firm policy that every customer gets a receipt – either paper or email should be implemented. Therefore, a transaction is always completed for each customer.


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