Counterpoint Performance Tuning

The performance of your Counterpoint can usually be helped, with some tuning of the SQL server. Among the items that can impact performance, are memory allocation, file settings, indexing, and statistics.

When the SQL server is installed, the setting for memory is to be dynamically allocated, and the upper limit is way beyond the amount of memory you have in your machine. Left this way, memory swapping can occur. The upper limit should be reduced to a realistic level, at a minimum. Ideally, the lower and upper values are the same, so that no dynamic allocation occurs, which reduces overhead.

The file growth setting can have a significant impact at times.
Particularly during posting in various places, when large numbers of records are being created. When file growth does need to occur, it is better to allocate a significant new amount, rather than continually adding small amounts.

Finally, over time, as records are added and updated in a table, SQL server will eventually stop using indexes and start doing large sequential reads. This greatly affects performance! Performance can be restored by rebuilding indexes and updating statistics.

We would be happy to help you adjust your SQL server settings, to get the best performance from your system.


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