About Procrastination

About Procrastination

Sometimes when things become a little hectic, we tend to put off doing some of the things that we know should be done. As an example, a few weeks ago my computer monitor started doing some unusual things. It would occasionally “flicker” when I was using my computer, and sometimes it would not turn off or on as it should. I delayed taking care of the issue for a while because I could still coax the monitor into usage, usually.

Of course, it eventually “died,” and of course it “died” when I was expecting emailed copies of important tax documents, airline tickets, and medical information, all of which could not be accessed with no computer monitor! I had to drop everything and look into monitor replacement options.

This type of procrastination can happen in the office as well. What have you been putting off? Maybe you need a software upgrade. Maybe you or your employees need some additional training on the use of your POS Software. Maybe you need to re-arrange your office for better efficiency and need help moving your technical equipment safely. Perhaps you just haven’t gotten around to paying your Subscription Renewal!

CCS is here to help you with those occasional “glitches” that cause interference with your POS operations. Sometimes it can be something unexpected, like a power outage that shuts you down. Often it is an issue that could have been prevented if it had been addressed sooner, rather than later.

Don’t procrastinate! We can help you find and fix the problems that interfere with your day-to-day business before they become greater issues that can happen at inopportune times.

Our phone number is 425-672-4806, or you can email us.


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