Modern, reliable Hybrid Cloud backup without the cost and complexity

Modern, reliable Hybrid Cloud backup without the cost and complexity

SolarWinds® Backup is the simple, powerful, and affordable cloud-based backup service for your virtual and physical servers. Reduce the cost and complexity of backup without sacrificing speed or reliability. Enjoy a low TCO, with no hidden costs.

  • Cloud-based backups mean no need to worry about storage requirements
  • Protect physical and virtual servers and their applications across major operating systems and hypervisors, with a single product
  • Fast backup, rapid restore of even large machines and databases with built-in compression.
  • A single dashboard lets you verify the status of all your backups at a glance
  • Implementation is as easy as dropping an agent on each server.


SolarWinds® Backup is the best of both worlds, offering a hybrid cloud architecture that meets every need with one solution — and meets them fast. If a physical disaster like a fire takes down your hardware, you can restore fully from the cloud. If you need to recover a large file or data set quickly, you can access the local drive.

What does this mean for your business? Efficiency. SolarWinds® Backup’s hybrid cloud backup lets you manage all of your backups from a single system, so you can streamline your processes. 


Bare Metal Recovery Disasters happen. If you lose entire systems, SolarWinds® Backup provides a bare metal recovery feature that lets you rebuild from the ground up.

With bare metal recovery, you can restore from the BIOS and get your systems back to work with nothing more than a simple bootable USB drive. Their worst-case scenario will become a minor blip on the radar, earning you. Don’t wait around for the worst—prepare for it and try SolarWinds® Backup.


Efficiency wins. That’s why SolarWinds® Backup features True Delta™ data deduplication, which captures byte-level changes instead of the full data set. This leads to shorter backup windows and allows for more efficient bandwidth usage.

After the initial system backup of your data, True Delta deduplication will back up changes only. And it does so at the byte level rather than the file level. Translation: The system backs up smaller amounts of data each time, allowing you to back up more frequently with less system drain. The result? Speed and efficiency, for you. 


When systems fail, recovery speed is everything. Your backup product must enable you to meet your recovery time objectives. That’s where LocalSpeedVault™ in SolarWinds® Backup comes in.

When LocalSpeedVault is enabled, MSP Backup & Recovery will automatically choose whether to restore from the LocalSpeedVault, the cloud, or both—whatever’s fastest. This gives you the quickest path to restoring continuity. Maximize uptime: with SolarWinds® Backup today.


Many organizations don’t back up more than a critical server and maybe a handful of workstations. This leaves their clients at risk of losing critical data. Foras low as $3 per workstation per month, the Backup Documents feature for SolarWinds® Backup will automatically back up your documents on their workstations twice per day. With SolarWinds global cloud network, you can easily restore from your cloud versions to any location.  Backup Documents lets you scale your backup services at an affordable price while providing greater protection against document loss from hardware failures, accidental deletions, or even ransomware.

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