Using Strong Passwords

I am seeing more and more where different websites are requiring stronger passwords. Passwords are considered strong when the consist of 8 or more characters, include at least 1 capital letter, a number and some type of punctuation and not used at another site.   

Well if you’re like me, trying to remember a strong password is not easy with all the different websites that require a password.  But there is a way!  Password managers allow you create 1 password that will remember all of your other passwords.  

There are may different ones out there now a days, so do some research to see what will work best for you.  Things you should look at is if it will work with your favorite browser, does it include a password generator (this is helpful for creating strong passwords), and does it work across all your devices. 

With a little re-training of yourself to start using a password manager, you will only need to remember 1 password for access to all of your important sites. 

Some possible password managers to look at are: Dashlane, Keepass, and DriodPass (Android).  There are many others – just Google “password managers”.