Tip to Boost Independent Retailers Holiday Sales

While Black Friday is a time for big volume sales for department and big box stores, independent retailers usually experience their greatest sales volume during the last few weeks before Christmas. WhizBang! suggests seven great ideas for boosting your sales during this time period.  Here they are:

Stack it high; watch it fly!  Big stacks sell faster.  They imply abundance and the generosity of the season, and also give subtle signals that “this must be a great product because lots of people are buying it”.

Sort and sign stocking stuffers. Group them by price or by type of recipient, like “Stocking Stuffers under $10 or “Stocking Stuffers for Sports Fans”.  This makes it easy for buyers to find those last minute little things that could otherwise be forgotten.

Pre-wrap best sellers.  Pre-wrapping makes it easy for tired shoppers to grab-and-go.  It helps you, too, by saving time during busy times when you should be selling!

Plan for mid-day stocking.  Assign people and times in advance to prevent running out of something on the floor that you have in the stockroom.  Periodic re-stocking on your busiest days will keep those products available when they are most needed.

Make last-minute re-orders on best sellers.  When you are running low on your best sellers, call your vendor to see if they can ship more to you right away.  If they can’t, don’t order.  You don’t want lots of Christmas merchandise arriving after Christmas!

Manage your markdowns.  Identify your slow-moving items and mark them down NOW rather than waiting until after the holidays.  It’s more profitable to sell at 25% off now than 50% off in January.

Stay healthy!  You need to be at your best for these fun, but challenging, days ahead.  Drink lots of water.  Take some immune system boosters from your local health food store.  Wash your hands frequently.  Keep instant sanitizer at the cash register.  And get lots of sleep so you can be “on your toes” for this exciting time.

Using these seven tips will help boost your sales, but will also help you keep the “Happy” in Happy Holidays!


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