Good Bye to an Old Friend!

This is for all our Counterpoint version 7 customers.  

As I’m sure you are aware, Counterpoint v7 is coming to it’s end of life.  After December 31, 2015, NCR will no longer enhance or support v7.   Many of you have been using this product for a long time and it’s hard to say good bye.  But sometimes you have to make a change and move forward.   We just went through this at our office with a change of phone systems.   You would think something as simple as a phone system wouldn’t be a big deal to change, but when you’ve use the same analog system for over 25 years it was harder to change to a digital phone system than I thought.  So my new phone system mantra is “CHANGE IS GOOD“.   Although things are not the same,  there are some great features that will make our life easier.

The same is true for Point of Sale system changes.   There is so much new technology, that sometimes you don’t know what you are missing.   The new version of Counterpoint is a SQL based program.  This moves the bar up several levels in the feature-set for Counterpoint users.  Things that might have take time and energy to do in v7 can now be done with a couple of keystrokes.  Want to export a report to a spreadsheet – click and done.  Want to email a statement or invoice – click and done.  

So what happens on January 1, 2016 if you do not migrate to SQL?   Initially Nothing, you can continue using your system just as it is, but there will be issues that start to pop up ongoing.  Here are 2 main ones.

#1 – PCI and EMV Card Processing Compliance.  Since v7 is no longer being update your system will no longer meet VISA/Master Card regulations if you are swiping credit cards.

#2 – Window 10 will soon be the current operating system.  Windows 7 has been obsoleted by Microsoft.  There are sure to be issues with drivers for v7.  A printer that has always worked may no longer work in this new configuration.

Plus there are great new Application Add-Ons:

SMART ALERTS – want to know what’s happen in your store while your out?.  Smart Alerts will email or text you real time updates on sales and operations.  Catch poor sales performance and adjust on-the-fly; monitor system problems immediately  Don’t let problems like these fester..

CUSTOMER CONNECT – are you using a 3rd party package for email marketing?  Customer Connect will allow you to integrate your marketing campaigns with your Counterpoint software and customer base.  Setup a campaigns like “emailing a discount to anyone who hasn’t been in the store for 3 month” or “new product releases and add-ons for customers with existing products” and it’s automatically done on a schedule.  No long, complicated procedures like pulling reports and sending them to a 3rd party to do a mailing.

This is the time to make that forward move!   There are some great specials to help you get going.

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