Retail Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Is your marketing strategy working for you? How do you know for sure? Perhaps you may be making one or more of the mistakes presented in an article for WhizBang! titled Are You Making These 7 Retail Marketing Mistakes? Three of these are shown below; the other four will be in my next blog.
#1 – Your Marketing is “All about Me”
Retailers tend to think that their products, their services, and their promotions are more fascinating than they really are. It seems natural that the most important thing to you, is you! In reality, however, most customers are more concerned about what’s important to themselves! So instead of focusing your emails, Facebook posts, postcards, and newspaper ads on just your products, your services, and your promotions, start focusing more on what’s interesting, helpful, useful, beneficial, or entertaining for your customers.
#2 – You Don’t Track Your Results
How can you possibly determine if your marketing is successful, or to what degree it’s successful, if you don’t track your results? Comparing results against the goals you set for your marketing effort, such as sales generation, attracting new customers, or re-activating inactive customers, will help you judge your success.
#3 – You’re a “One and Done” Marketer
Surprisingly, many retailers who have a major marketing success haven’t even considered repeating their successful event! Time and effort is involved in successful marketing strategy. Why use it only one time?
A step in the right direction for successful marketing can begin by using NCR’s Counterpoint CustomerConnect. It can help you create recurring email campaigns, see sales results, update email list automatically, and target emails to specific groups of customers. Start today to get the most out of your marketing efforts. Call us at 800/425-672-4806 or email us for more information.

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