Keeping Customers Loyal

Keeping Customers Loyal 

Most business owners know that keeping customers loyal should be a top priority in their marketing plan.  It’€™s cheaper, less time-consuming, and more energy-efficient to retain customers compared to finding and obtaining new customers. 

How can you make this happen in your business?  In an article for wikiHow titled How to Keep Customers Loyal, eight steps to accomplish this goal were presented. The first four are shown below; others will appear in a later blog. 

  • Make or sell the best products and train your employees to provide the best quality service
  • On a regular basis, offer your customers incentives for patronizing your business, such as providing punch cards or giving a percentage off after a given number of purchases. 
  • Provide your customers with a reason to come back. Offer a discount if they refer a new customer to your business, or give a coupon that can be used later if they purchase now. 
  • Provide a discount if several products/services are purchased up front. You could offer, for example, 20% off a package of five car washes if the customer buys the package rather than a single car wash. 
  • A satisfied customer is one who will return again and again.  Employing these techniques will help make that happen!  

Did you know that NCR’s Counterpoint has a built-in Loyalty Program that allows you to reward loyal customers with points that can be redeemed for future purchases or special incentives?Customers can earn points for all items they purchase or just for certain items. The number of points can vary based on such things as the item number, category, vendor, or sales information such as date, store, day of the week, or time of day. 

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