Easter Holiday Predictions

Are You Prepared for the Holiday? 

Bethany Aronhalt and Kathy Grannis report that National Retail Federation’s annual Easter Spending Survey has been released, and the news is good for retailers. This survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, predicts that the average American celebrating the holiday this year will spend an average of $137.46 on the usual holiday treats €“ apparel, food, candy, gifts, and more. Though a little less than last year’s $145.13, total spending is expected to reach $15.9 billion. 

Emerging from a challenging winter season, many Americans appear ready to start spring wearing new attire, sprucing up their home with holiday decorations, and pacifying their sweet tooth with traditional Easter candies like peeps, jellybeans, and chocolate eggs. 

On the observance of the customary Sunday holiday meal alone, either at home or at a restaurant, celebrants will be spending an average of $43.18 for this occasion. This adds up to a total of $5 billion in consumer spending, just for this meal alone! 

Personal and fun items that will not break the bank, but will still allow families to enjoy the day, will be especially sought out this year. Searching for these items may involve the use of smartphones or tablets, but seasonal advertising and store displays will entice many to visit brick and mortar stores for their purchases. 

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