Staying Connected During the Holiday Season

How to Thank Your Customers

It’s that time again—two months filled with assorted holidays that many people like to celebrate. This is a perfect time to say “thank you” to all those who have helped your business with their patronage. What better time is there to let them know how much they are appreciated?

The traditional way is to send a greeting card. If you use this method, remember that a hand-signed card presents a more personal touch than an imprinted one.  Designing your own card with a picture of your store and/or staff is even more personal. This allows your customers to see an image of the person that they talk with on the phone, but have never seen in person.

Use your smartphone or tablet to create a festive video greeting that your customers will open over and over again. Brainstorm with your staff for good ideas to involve everyone. Remember, however, to use non-copyrighted music if you’re going to put it on You Tube.

Another simple but effective way to thank your customers is to use NCR’s Counterpoint CustomerConnect to create holiday messages that can be emailed directly to your customers. The data is all there–all you need to do is add the message of your choice. Think of the postage you’ll save!

If you don’t have CustomerConnect yet, what better time is there than right now to get set up for the holiday season? If you’d like more information, just call us at 800/425/672-4806 or email us

Don’t let another day go by without investigating this profitable tool.

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