Implications of purging on CP-SQL replication

SQL Replication

One of the features of NCR CPSQL, is the ability to have multiple sites, and synchronize them with each other.

While this usually works well, there are some things that can impact the performance of this replication.  One is when a large amount of data needs to be replicated.

This can happen if a large amount of data, such as ticket history, is purged.  All of the records that are removed, need to be replicated to one, or possibly all, of the remote sites.  In particular, ticket history, purchasing history, and a few others can generate a large number of records in several different tables.  

The best practice, in order to keep from overwhelming the replication process, is to purge these files in smaller blocks.  So, if you want to purge two years of ticket history, for example, purge a few months at a time instead of the whole two years at once.  After each purge, allow enough time for the replication to go through.  Say, purge three months each day.  It takes a few days to get everything purged, but your replication will not bog down nearly as much.


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