Windows 7 home and limitations

Limitations of Windows Home Editions

A while back, one of our customers needed to access their SQL server from a workstation using the command-line utility.  Unfortunately, the workstation was running Windows 7 Home edition.

The difference between Windows 7 Home and Windows 7 Professional editions, while not being obvious to most users, can have a big impact.  In this case, the SQL command-line utility was not installing, as Home edition will only allow the installation of SQL Developer edition.  By upgrading to Windows 7 Professional edition, it was possible to install the command-line utility from the SQL SSE edition, instead of having to buy SQL Developer edition.

Another limitation that can have a big impact, is that Windows 7 Home edition does not allow your support personnel to connect via remote desktop.  That means that your support personnel can not run the computer remotely, which can be a very big help in resolving issues.

There are other limitations, also, but those are the two that have had a big impact with our customers.  The bottom line is that in your business network, you will do yourself a big favor by installing the Professional editions of Windows, and leave the Home edition, as the name says, at home.


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