2013 Easter Sales Predictions

Easter shoppers will be staying close to their budgets

In an article titled Easter Shoppers Go Thrifty in 2013, Kathy Grannis reports that National Retail Federation’s annual survey predicts that Easter shoppers will be staying close to their budgets when they shop for this special holiday.

Overall, Americans will spend $17.2 billion on Easter purchases and will be looking for good deals for chocolates, candy and colorful apparel. Ninety-one percent will purchase candies like jellybeans and chocolate bunnies, while forty-eight percent will purchase clothing.
Where will they buy these items? Preferred locations are shown below.

           ·   25% – At Specialty Stores

·        41% – At Department Stores
·        21% – Online
·        63% – At Discount Stores
·        11% – At Specialty Clothing Stores
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