5 Golden Rules For The Next 5 Days

Focus on your customer

There will be lots of people walking into your store for the first time. They won’t know or care that you’ve been working long hours, that your feet hurt, or you cheeks hurt from your perma-grin. The only thing they know is its Christmas and they need to buy presents. Give them a GREAT experience that will keep them coming back in the new year.

Focus on your staff

It’s your store and your responsibility to keep your staff motivated and working the way you want them to. Do everything you can to show them how much you appreciate their efforts. Bring them lunch, schedule a chair massage, give them cash bonuses, or send them a thank you note.

Pay attention to your sales statistics

It only takes a few minutes a day, but can pay huge dividends. If an item hasn’t sold – do a “flash” discount to move the merchandise.

Gather customer names and email addresses

One of the biggest mistakes retailers make is not getting customer contact information when it’s busy. Getting their contact information now is how you sell to them later. If the register is busy, have a clipboard ready and ask customers to fill it out while they’re in line. Remember to keep it simple – name and email address and/or phone number is imperative.

Have fun

Make the last couple of days a joyful, fun-filled experience. Remember, the holidays are a time for celebration. Your attitude is contagious. Make sure it’s positive.

Talk to you soon   ~Norma


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