POS Innovation Is On The Way

POS Systems of the Future?

In today’s world, nothing stands still; everything is changing to accommodate an ever-changing world. Not surprisingly, Point of Sale Systems may soon undergo a dramatic change as a reflection of the changing retail world.


The looks of a future POS System and the functions it will provide will be greatly influenced by the current explosion of mobile devices. These are being used both in-store and out, by both retailers and customers. The goal is to provide productive, entertaining, and exceptional shopping experiences for the customer, and freedom for retailers to sell from wherever they happen to be, not just at a box at the checkout counter.

In an article for Vertical Systems Reseller, Lisa Terry reports the following as possible changes to POS Systems:

  • They will become the hub of the business, not just a transaction engine.

  • They may be fixed, mobile, or even on the customer’s device, not just a big box that sits on the counter.

  • Their functionality may be broken up and run in different places, not just in the store.

  • They may be integrated with full in-line displays, digital signage, kiosk, and other screens, not just two-line customer displays and promotions on receipts.

  • Self-service POS may be in all tiers, not just big chains.

The questions are many, and there’s much work ahead before many of these innovations come into being, but it’s clear that change is on the way.  Are you ready for the future?

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