Another Customer Service Story

Customer Service Is Key

On Saturday, armed with my long list of needed items, I went shopping at a well-known local supermarket. With my cart loaded with many items, a good number of which were flash frozen, I proceeded to the checkout lanes. I was astonished to find only two lanes open, and a large number of customers waiting in each lane. With an attitude of resignation, I got in line.

Inching along, I finally got near the cashier. The people in front of me, a man with a cell phone to his ear, and his wife (who was in one of the riding carts) seemed to be holding up the line. The man was having a heated discussion on his cell phone, and his wife was participating in the discussion. Both were completely ignoring the cashier and the people in line behind them.

I kept waiting, thinking that the cashier would surely ask the offenders to either step aside or end the cell phone call. Neither happened. I was getting very frustrated, and my frozen fish and ice cream were melting.

Eventually, I got to the checkout, but the cashier did nothing to alleviate my frustration – no greeting, no apology for the delay, no call for additional cashiers to aid those waiting behind me. The customer service at this store was, to me, dismal. It will certainly influence my decision to shop there again in the future.

Good customer service involves many things – sufficient and well-trained employees, good equipment, appropriate software, knowing what times of day are likely to bring in more customers, timing of sales promotions—the list goes on and on.

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