Phishing E-mail Aims at MobileMe Subscribers of Apple

One fresh phishing e-mail scam that particularly targets users of Apple MobileMe is doing the rounds, reports in news dated December 19, 2011.

It maybe noted that MobileMe, which’s acquired through subscription, is an amalgamation of software as well as Internet services that Apple Inc. offers.

Apparently, referring to some DGTFX virus, the phishing electronic mail tells the recipient that the virus has infiltrated his MobileMe folders. Thus, he requires upgrading his e-mail account to the latest Secured DGTFX anti-virus 2011 edition so that Apple’s Web-mail access isn’t interrupted as also his files protected from damages. Thereafter the e-mail asks the user to press on the reply tab, complete each and every column given and return the e-mail with his address, username, password as well as ‘Reconfirm password.’

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