Fake It If You Have To!

Christmas Cheer 

It’s December 14th. You’ve been working non-stop during this holiday season and you have 10 more days of Christmas ahead of you. 

I guarantee that sometime during  the next 10 days you and your staff are going to get cranky.

    ~ And tired
    ~ Possibly pre-occupied
    ~ Or annoyed
    ~ Even disgruntled 

In short, your Christmas spirit will have headed south. That’s understandable. But it’s not okay to let your customers feel that lack of Christmas cheer.  If you don’t feel it, you’ve got to fake it.  

Your customers are counting on you to make their Christmas shopping experience fun and festive. They might be tired and grouchy too, so the last thing they need to hear is grumbling from you or your staff.  Think of your time on the sales floor as being an actor. It’s showtime! Put a smile on your face and try for a spring in your step, even if you’re feeling Grinchy in your heart. 

Funny thing is – when you start faking all that Christmas cheer, pretty soon you really do start to feel it!  And I’ll bet your customers will remember. And if they remember, you’ll have created a customer who will return. 

Talk to you soon. ~Norma

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