There’s Still Time For A Fun Christmas Promotion

12 Days of Christmas

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. The following day – commonly known as Black Friday – actually started a couple of weeks ago. If you haven’t prepared for the Black Friday blitz by now, it’s too late. BUT, there’s still time for "The 12 Days of Christmas".

A "12 Days of Christmas" promotion has become a big event in many areas. It features one – and only one – "super sale priced" item on each of the 12 days before Christmas.

This is a fun, easy promotion you can plan today. If you aren’t familiar with this type of event, read on.

Pick your items, pick your percentage
Pick items that are either high margin so you still make some money while giving your customers a killer deal (best idea), or items that are woefully overstocked.

Items don’t have to be picked way in advance. As it gets closer to Christmas, you’ll have a better idea of what needs an added incentive to move.

Get the word out
your customers the super sale item of the day on each of the twelve days before Christmas. Make it a quick, one paragraph email with a catchy subject line. This gives you a chance to send emails for 12 days in a row without seeming like a pest.

Post signage at your location.
Remember to only list that day’s item.

Post the item of the day on  your Website or Facebook page. Tweet if you Twitter.

You may want to include a "while supplies last" notice wherever you list your "super item". 

Here is what one store owner had to say about this promotion:

" I have run this promotion for several years now. Each of the twelve days leading up to Christmas, I have one featured item on "super-sale" for that day only. I make it a good one.

Customers come in daily to check and see what’s on sale that day. They usually want to know what’s on sale the next day… but I never tell! Or they’ll ask if a particular item will be on sale later on, and of course, I never tell that either. Now, office managers from different companies call the store in the morning to find out what’s on sale that day and gets the word out to their employees.

When I started doing this promotion, I was just trying to move things that needed a push, but now I ‘shop’ for it in advance."

My thought? If you get them in the store for your super-sale item, they are likely to buy other items too.

Talk to you soon.  `Norma


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