Malvertisements – A Threat to Consumers and Advertisers


Malvertisements are the nasty, infected online ads that organized crime gangs have sneaked into the distribution system run by advertising networks.  The threat is fast-rising and involves major sites such as,,, and according to Elias Manousos, CEO of RiskIQ, a security intelligence firm.

The damage is done when an Internet user clicks on a website ad that may contain a virus that can infect his/her computer, or trigger a bogus security warning that is followed by an offer for fake antivirus protection.  Stealthy infections can quietly take control of the compromised computer, making it possible for crooks to steal data and pilfer corporate networks and online financial accounts.  Armorize, a website security firm, recently discovered criminals selling tutorials, tool kits, and placement services to crooks who want to get into the malvertisement illegal game!

If you just once clicked on one of these infected links and had your computer freeze up, would you ever again want to click on that advertiser’s ad?  Of course you wouldn’t!  That’s why malvertisements have become a burden to businesses and publishers.  They’re seeing their traffic and transactions drop and this is causing a financial impact.

Until a universal and workable ad-validating process can be accomplished, the best protection consumers have is to make sure they are protected by good antivirus software, and that software is kept updated regularly.

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