A New Kind of Advertising on the Horizon

3-D Mobile Ads

As smartphones and mobile devices continue to proliferate in the market scene, 3-D advertising is becoming a replacement for the standard banner ad.  Just think—in the palm of your hand you will see images that make you feel as though you have jumped right into the picture!  What a marvelous way to show your products to their best advantage to your potential customers!

Already touch technology allows a user to move around the screen on a mobile device.  Predicted improvements in 3-D advertising will aim at in-depth interactivity made possible by the use of 3-D glasses, much like those used in the past for 3-D movies.  Instead of just looking at a flat picture of a product, customers will be able to see it from all angles, just as though they were in the screen, walking around on all sides!  Just imagine what that could do for your sales!

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