Mobile computing for your store

CPMobile – Mobile POS and Inventory Control for CounterPoint SQL Users

Radiant Systems is coming out with a new add-on for the CPSQL point-of-sale system, called CPMobile.  With CPMobile you are able to take your point-of-sale operations out on your sales floor.

CPMobile integrates with your existing CPSQL point-of-sale system.  It allows you to check inventory prices, do customer checkout on your sales floor, or at a remote location.  If you are at a trade show, or other remote selling event, you can do all of your sales through CPMobile, and not have to take a complete computer system with you.

Sales transactions are  simple to accomplish:

  • Bar-codes can be scanned,
  • Receipts can be printed,
  • Receipts can be emailed, 
  • Credit card can be swiped.

In other words, the entire sales transaction can be done via CPMobile.  Transactions entered via CPMobile will post, and retain history, the same as if it had been rung up at your checkout counter.  

By fully integrating with your existing CPSQL point-of-sale system, smaller retailers can now have the mobile technology that was previously available only to the large box stores. 

To create a CPMobile environment you need:

  • Wi-Fi Network
  • CPSQL 8.4.4 or later
  • Apple iPhone or iPod Touch Devices
  • CPMobile for your iPhone or iPod (available through the ITunes store)
  • CPMobile subscription from NCR – Radiant
  • Radiant Sledge device with Card swipe, Printer, Bluetooth Interfaces (optional)

See our brochure for a quick overview.

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