Office Equipment Dangers

Is Your Infrastructure Secure?

Troubleshooting of today’s workplace equipment, such as printers, scanners, photocopiers, webcams, and DVR’s, is often done over the Internet. Because web server software gets built into these devices, it is easier for technicians to repair and change settings on them remotely than to go on-site. Although this is a much more convenient approach, problems can occur when servers are enabled by default or are not password protected. Use of a common default password also presents a danger.

Cyberthieves, hunting for sensitive business documents, find it easy with the above loopholes, to steal images of documents stored in a device’s memory or take control of webcams placed inside a work area. According to a report from USA Today titled Office Equipment Open to Hacker Attacks, an intruder taking control of a Cisco device could monitor and even redirect network traffic, gaining prime position deep inside an organization’s network. This would allow him/her to steal authentication log-ons and proprietary documents.

Threats abound in our compromised world of technology. By using simple protection measures like identifying and regularly auditing printers, routers and other appliances equipped as Web servers, many of these threats can be defused.

At CCS, we can check to see if you are protected from loss of your valuable information. Call us today at 800-672-4806 or email us to help you identify and resolve vulnerabilities in your system.   Check out our Risk Assessment program for the topics outlined here and your  PCI-DSS compliance.


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