Interfacing to other than CPONLINE

Integrating Web Technology With CPSQL

If you have Counterpoint CP-SQL, and an E-commerce website, you can bring you orders from the web, into CP-SQL automatically, and then process them as you normally would.

The procedure to bring you orders down from the web, and into CP-SQL will, of course, vary with every setup.  This means that it may require custom work.  However, the time saved in the long run, and the elimination of possible errors from re-entering data, will pay for the customizations in short order.

We are just finishing up work for a customer to do just that.  Customers enter their orders on the companies web page.  These orders are then automatically brought into CP-SQL at scheduled times.  Once in CP-SQL, the orders are then processed the same as if they had been manually entered.  They are picked, verified, packed, and shipped.

This customer has chosen to pair this with Order Management, so they can process a large number of orders through CP-SQL in a short amount of time. 

You may also want to consider our CPOnline Software solution.  It is hosted by Radiant and fully integrated into CPSQL.  It contains a templating and source editing system to create your own designs rapidly.  It is easily added to your existing site to function as a shopping cart for you.

If you need help leveraging your CPSQL system with Website technology or desktop technology contact our technical services group.

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