Securing your site

Site Security

With all of the buzz lately on having a secure site for your business, you are aware that there are many areas of your computers and network that need to be checked.  Very likely, you do not know just how to go about checking them.

Since there are so many facets to this issue, from operating systems, to installed packages, to your routers and firewall, it is best to have someone that is trained in site security to do this for you.  The time that it would take to research all of your various components, then evaluate all of these to determine what to check, and finally locating all of the tools to test them, can be quite high.

It is more time and cost effective to have someone who already has the tools and the knowledge, to come in and evaluate your system, then perform the relevant tests.  The overall time and expense will be reduced, as will the probability that important checks will not be run.  This is one of the things that you are much better off having someone come in and perform for you, than trying to do it on your own.

This can become very critical if you use Credit Card Processors to authorize your payment transactions.   Recently the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) have been strictly enforced.  Some Retailers have been find 10’s of thousands of dollars for infarctions.   The Processors and Financial Institutions have used legal resources to try to recover their losses when criminals steal from their customers accounts.

At CCS Retail we have a formal site inspection program that can help your reduce your vulnerability and confirm your PCI-DSS compliance.   Contact your sales consultant for more information.


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