Yearly Shopping Trends

The Best Shopping Seasons

Can you guess what shopping seasons of the year are the greatest opportunities for retailers?  According to an article by Peter Haubold of Microsoft Advertising, the Christmas Season comes in first, Back-to-School/College Season comes in second, and third is Valentine’s Day.  Back-to-School Season spending ranks 250% higher than third-ranking Valentine’s Day.

Now that the flurry of Independence Day shopping is history for this year, it’s time to calculate your inventory needs for the upcoming season.  What products you will offer, when, and in what quantities should be utmost in your planning.

Important current trends should be considered as you make decisions.  Here are a few to ponder:

1.     Consumer’s mobile usage to compare prices will be strong this year.

2.     Shopping at discount stores and use of printed online coupons are expected to be heavily utilized.

3.     Many money-savvy consumers will delay their shopping until August, 49% as compared to 38% from last year.

4.     68% of shoppers will shop online for price comparison and to take advantage of last minute discounts.

5.     Gender searchers on Bing found that Moms are most likely to be the ones who research online before shopping in stores, so locating and targeting Moms online will be crucial to your sales efforts.

Are you ready for the challenge?   CounterPoint POS Software and especially CustomerConnect will make it easier for you in your decision-making.  If you need help, we’re here to answer your questions. 

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