Summer = Sidewalk Sales – Create Some Excitement!


Summer’s Here! – So How Do You Compete With The Beach?   A Sidewalk Sale, of Course.

Here’s a Check List.

1. Advertise!
   – Flyers in every bag that goes out of the store leading up to the sale.
   – Word of mouth (train every clerk to say "make sure you visit our sidewalk sale" to customers and lookie-lu’s alike)
   – An email to your customers and prospects (Simple if your’re using CounterPoint POS software with Customer Connect)
   – An ad in your local paper if it’s in your budget.

2. Prepare!
   – Offer great merchandise at low prices. This is not the time to haul out your leftovers.
      – Contact your best suppliers and see if they have any close-out specials you can get for a rock-bottom price.
      – Bring the merchandise into inventory at it’s regular cost even though you may be getting it at a low, reduced cost.
      – THEN mark it down for the sale. You’ll get your customers a good price and still retain your margins!
         (Of course you have a great POS system that makes this task a snap.. You don’t? Well, take a look at CounterPoint!)
   – If allowed, set up speakers and play some attention getting music – loud but not too loud.
   – And remember the "Attractor Factor" – something that draws welcome attention to your location.

One company I know set up a "Wheel of Fortune" type wheel that anyone could spin. There were 2 or 3 really good prizes, and a lot of smaller "gifts" such as coupons for varying amounts good for future visits. Anyone lucky enough to receive one of the major prizes was asked for an email address and also had their hand stamped (One major per customer). And because every child wanted to spin the wheel, they were offered the "prize" they had won or sugar-free lollipops (and what child doesn’t prefer a lollipop to a free car wash!)

You want your sidewalk sale to be a success – but even more importantly you want people to remember what a fun event it was. Word of mouth is some of the best advertising there is. If a neighbor or a friend had a great time at your sale they’ll be sure to return next time – probably WITH other neighbors and friends.

For help setting up your CounterPoint System to handle the Sale contact CCS Retail Systems.

Talk to you soon!  ~Norma

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