Security Center Is Still Roaming Freely

This is a bogus anti-malware application designed to scare you by displaying a great deal of security alerts and lists of "infected files" and then convince you it can be truly helpful when it comes to removing the virus. But as charitable as it may appear at first, in the end, it is going to ask for some money in order to provide you and your computer with perpetual serenity.


How can you tell if it’s visiting you? Actually, it is quite easy. Once you start observing exceptionally sluggish performance, occasional system crashes, or annoying pop-ups and commercial ads start taking over your screen, you may be sure you are currently hosting Security Center. It may also start changing your background or it could also block normal system files from running.

It will most probably try to control some of you system files which could damage data stored on your PC. The Security Center virus is also able to send your passwords from the Internet browser (Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Outlook etc. ) to third parties.

To put it in a nutshell, Security Center is a malicious application and you shouldn’t consider even for a moment the possibility of paying to get the extended version. So the best thing to do after you notice its presence in your machine is to remove it as quickly as possible.

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