Feeling Burned Out? Try These Tips

Strategies to Avoid Burnout

Burnout can come at different times. For some, it comes soon after they’ve started a business – when everything seems overwhelming and the work load never-ending. For others, it comes after doing the same things over and over – year after year.

Here are some suggestions for overcoming burnout.

Manage Your Work More Efficiently
One of the biggest factors leading to burnout is feeling that there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. Sit down and take a look at what you have to do – what’s a "must", what’s a "should" and what’s a "would like to". Then prioritize. Make a list and figure out which things are REALLY important. Be ruthless in deciding. Then cross everything else off the list.

Pat yourself on the back when you get through the "musts" and some or most of the "shoulds". Maybe you’ll find that there’s actually some time for some of the "would like to’s".

Develop An Interest Outside of Work
Go ahead and build a boat, read a "fun" book (nothing pertaining to work unless that’s what really turns you on), learn Italian. The list is endless. Do whatever you’ve been wanting to do. You AND your work life will be rejuvenated.

Delegate More Often
Decide which tasks you just don’t have time for and, if they’re important, delegate them. Train someone if you have to – more work in the short term but with long term benefits.

Ask For Help
Trying to re-invent everything for your business is exhausting. Talk to an expert or confer with a colleague. You can be sure that if you are doing it, it’s been done before. Let someone else show you an easier way to get it done.

Try Something New
Have you been doing the same things the same way for too long? Of course, if it’s worked you will be hesitant to change. I’m not saying to "throw the baby out with the bathwater", but you can shake things up. Try doing the same things in an entirely new way. Take a look around you at what other successful businesses are doing and think about how you can adapt it to your business.

Make Sure Your Business Is Running At Peak Efficiency
You may be surprised by how much more effectively your business will run if you’re using the right tools. You may also be surprised by how less likely you’ll be to burn out. So what am I suggesting? Take a close look at how you’re operating. Please don’t tell me that your clerks are hand-writing tickets – or that you’re trying to run your business with "mom and pop" retail software. Of course – I’m recommending using a quality product like Radiant Systems’ CounterPoint Point of Sale software. Using the right tool reduces stress – both yours and your employee’s. And I might add that your customers will notice that you’re embracing the 21st century. This makes their life and buying experience better too!

Talk to you soon ~ Norma

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