Analyzing your data

As time goes by, and your company history accumulates, analyzing your data becomes more important.  There are usually many ways that you want to look at your data.  However, your system may not have all of the reports that you would like.

This is where a product like CP-SQL, and Counterpoint V7 (with the SQL connect option) really shines.  Being SQL based, it is very flexible in it’s ability to serve up your data.  Those reports that you have always wanted, can be created in Crystal Reports, and made available on your CP-SQL menu.

You can also use utilities like Excel, to extract the data from CP-SQL, and manipulate it as you desire.  With either method, data can usually be grouped, combined, and totaled, just the way that you want it.

Many times we have created reports, helped customers create pivot tables, and generally assisted them with looking at their data just they way that they always wanted to.  It’s a big help in running your company, to be able to get all that data manipulated and formatted just the way that is most meaningful, and beneficial, to you.

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