Monitoring Backup and Alert notifications

If you are administrating your system, then you should be receiving various notifications about significant events.  Backups, suspicious activity, and resources being low, all should generate notifications if properly configured.

These notifications should be going to a specifically, monitored email account, or automatically printed.  I much prefer that they go to an email account that is actively read.  If they are printed, then these printouts need to be collected and saved.  Whether you are getting emails, or printouts, they need to be read, and understood.

Frequently I have been working with a customer, when they say that they get these notices but do not bother to read them, or do not understand what they are saying.

Recently, a customer had some corrupt data files, and had to restore from tape.  He had not been getting the backup report printouts, and assumed that someone had picked them up and thrown them away.  In reality, there had been no printouts, because the backup was hung and had not finished the last run attempt, almost a week prior.  It had backed up the files they needed, so they only lost a week of work with them.  It could have been much worse, as their backup had been struggling for a while.

If they had been consistent with monitoring their backups via the reports it generated, and had investigated the reason that the reports stopped, they would lost very little.   If you are uncertain that your system is setup to monitoring essential events and report them to you, contact CCS Retail Support for help.


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