Handling “Disruptive Technologies”

Sara Rand, Senior Director at National Retail Federation, reported in a session at Innovate how some technologies can be a challenge for retailers. First presented by Gartner’s Van Baker, two sources of disruption were identified.

Multichannel shopping behavior – While most multichannel shoppers prefer to research products online, except for a few specific products, a large majority will make the actual purchase in a retail store. This makes it a priority for retailers to make sure that they are accessible to customers who want to shop on their computers, phones, in a store, or by catalog. Knowing the behavior of your specific customer base and providing expertise and consistency in merchandising, pricing, promotions, and return policies can turn this liability into an asset.

Mobile technology – The explosion of smart phone usage requires that retailers be ready with retail-specific tools to encourage customers to use the technology for research. A scan-able barcode on each product, for example, that brings up detailed product information, reviews, or a loyalty program price could be the factor that determines the completion of a sale. 

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